Our Menu


Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck features a seasonally updated menu of Italian regional cuisine.  Each dish is carefully crafted by Chef Heinz and the Taste of Italy team, and is centered around the traditional art of Italian cuisine. Food is served in a contemporary and relaxed setting that showcases the passion and care that goes into each dish.

You are invited to take a journey to the alleys of Rome, Florence, or Sicilia with our Antipasti, Raw Platters, Appetizers and Soups. Taste our exquisite chopped fillet of beef with pistachio pesto and sundried tomato alongside with a soup of percorino cheese, pea foam and smoked potatoes.

Our pizza offers an unforgettable experience; enjoy our unique pizza rossa or bianca, such as our Bietola, Gamberi e Stracciatella (Chard, shrimps and stracciatella), or our lobster and avocado pizza.

With family and friends, enjoy our selection of fish and meat, from poached shrimps with tomato, zucchini and olives to a breadcrumbed veal chop, cherry tomato with rocket.

We offer a variety of refreshments and delicious coffees or teas carefully hand picked by Chef Heinz Beck, to accompany your meal and dessert. We welcome you for our home made Italian aranciata using Sicilian oranges, our selection of gelato, or our dark chocolate fondant.